Clary Sage - 10ml

Clary Sage - 10ml


This oil can help the body go into labour naturally and supports a smooth consistent labour

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I am focused on my calm and gentle birth

From 37 + weeks on, when you are ready to get things moving Clary Sage is your go-to oil for diffusion (and rolling on - see our rollers).

Know for its ability to help bring on and strengthen surges, Clary Sage has long been used to support a smooth and consistent labour.

With a herbal smell, this oil helps to balance our hormonal systems as well as increasing our ability to visualise and tap into our intuition.

It’s also know to be helpful for bringing on the milk supply post birth.


How to Use

DIFFUSE: 6-10 drops into water in your diffuser (amount will vary depending on personal preference for strength and size of your diffuser)

INHALE: Place a few drops onto a tissue and inhale or directly inhale from the bottle

This oil is not suitable for use prior to 37+ weeks of pregnancy as it is a known uterine stimulant