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Supporting you on your path to parenthood


Preparing to give birth is an exciting time. Often when seeking out classes like Hypnobirthing there are a few questions at the back of your mind....

My answer is YES to both questions! But don't take my word for it - here's what some Hypno mums and dads have to say:



“I really can't wait for the day to come now!”

We couldn’t recommend Path to Birth’s Hypnobirthing Workshop enough. Jess has an incredible knowledge and passion for labour and birth. We are both now feeling confident and armed with the tools we need to welcome the ‘birthing day’ with excitement, rather than fear and anxiety. I really can’t wait for the day to come now!

Whilst I wasn’t scared about birth before taking part in the workshop, I certainly had no tools to work with or ways to prepare for the day. The role of the birth partner is equally as important as that of the Mum to be, and this is probably one of the most useful and worthwhile parts to this workshop. 




“My Husband really enjoyed learning about what tools he could utilise during the birth as well, up until now he was unclear as to what his role would be/how he could be actively involved!”

I came across Hypnobirthing when reading about natural birth and mentioned it to my husband but never seriously considered it until my third trimester when things started to get real.  Up until that point all my energy was focused on the pregnancy and i hadn't put that much thought or priority on the actual birth. It finally hit me - I wasn't prepared for birth AT ALL. Yes I read books and watched a few documentaries but i didn't have any 'tools' to utilise during labour. This is when I remembered reading about Hypnobirthing.

I did some (more) research and realised how useful it could be. We also casually mentioned to a few friends we were considering enrolling in a session and they started raving about their experience with Hypnobirthing and how much it helped them during labour.  Needless to say I signed up!

I can't say how much my husband and I enjoyed Jess's course! Although I had done lots of reading and (again) research on birth I learned so much in the two sessions. Watching the videos of the women giving birth while using the Hypnobirthing techniques completely changed the way I thought about labour and birth. I realised birth can be calm and peaceful. I saw women smiling during surges and breathing deeply rather than screaming for drugs.

After attending the workshop I now feel ready for birth - of course I am still nervous (I have never given birth before!) but i feel prepared to handle what my body will go through. I believe by understanding what is happening with your body it takes away the fear.

If you want a holistic approach to birth I would highly recommend this course. You will gain an understanding of the technical side of labour and then be given the tools on how to approach your birth. The relaxation techniques you learn can be applied to all areas of life.

Jess is a wonderful instructor - the class is relaxed and very engaging for both you and your birth partner.




“We headed to the hospital a little before 1pm and she arrived at 2:45 pm healthy, happy and calm!”

Hope this finds you well. We just wanted to let you know that James and I welcomed a little girl on the 22nd of June. She's a little miracle and all went really well with the birth. It was quite fast actually - first very light surge was around 7am and then the more intense ones started around 11am.  

Thanks for everything with the course - it really did get me through the experience!




“My OB and midwives all commented on how calm I was throughout the day.”

Just a quick note to let you know that we welcomed our son into the world on Friday, 30th September. 
It was a natural birth and a fairly quick 6.5 hr labour. I had the hypnobirthing sound tracks on repeat/rotate, concentrated on my breathing, and had amazing support from Owen.

It was such a beautiful experience and we certainly credit a lot to the hypnobirthing approach. 
My OB asked me to reccommend the course I attended so I'll pass on your details. 




 “The home birth went amazing - a relatively short 9 hour labour that progressed well and without any issues or complications!” 

Just wanted to let you know our baby girl arrived on the 30th October at 9:30am. 

Everything you taught us at Hypnobirthing was an immense help - I listened to my affirmations throughout the whole labour and was calm and relaxed the entire time. I can honestly say I felt no fear leading up to and throughout the labour, and while there were definitely challenging parts I didn't feel what I would describe as "pain". Our midwives even commented on how serene I was! I couldn't be happier and am so thankful to have found hypnobirthing as it allowed us to have the birth we dreamed of! Thank you!! 




“My husband and I got so much out of this workshop. We feel prepared and excited in the lead up to our due date instead of anxious and worried.”

We feel that everything we have learnt has helped us to understand the birthing process and will help to keep us calm when it is time. We now know that it should be an exciting and wonderful experience and are feeling relaxed and as ease.

We are looking forward to practicing everything we have learnt. We will be recommending this to others as we have gained a lot from it.