Path To Birth

Supporting you on your path to parenthood


The Path to Birth Essential Oils range has been specifically designed to support mothers during pregnancy, labour and early parenthood. Adding essential oils to your support kit can be a really effective way to help you feel relaxed, calm and empowered.


Essential Oil diffusions are one of the most effective and simple tools around to help us feel calm and empowered.

Diffusing essential oils in the background during pregnancy when we feel relaxed and happy can create neural pathways in the brain that bring out the same positive state in mind and body when the same scents are used during labour. The more relaxed and confident we are the less discomfort we feel!


Our bodies are under a lot of strain as they stretch and grow and birth our precious babies. Immersion in water is one of the most natural ways to alleviate pain and ease stress.

Epsom salts help muscles relax and ease muscle pain and cramps. Soaking in salts, combined with beautiful essential oils, supports us during pregnancy and helps prepare both mind and body for labour.


One of the quickest and easiest ways to instantly feel the amazing physical and emotional benefits of essential oils is to apply it directly to the fast absorbing areas of the body.

The addition of beautiful amethyst crystal to our rollers makes for a power packed roller, and fractionated coconut oil dilutes the pure oils to avoid skin irritation. Our rollers promote relaxed, fear free, happy and joyous mummas!


Massage can be one of the most useful tools for pain relief, fear release and bonding. Touch is a language that communicates love, understanding and reassurance.

It sets off a series of reactions within our bodies - not only relaxing our muscles- but enhancing our mood and boosting our positive emotional feelings. Combined with oils that are carefully designed to support smooth labour, ease pain and fatigue our massage oils leave you feeling uplifted and relaxed.


Can’t decide? We have a choice of three great kits that bring it all together.

Our kits bundle up some of the most commonly purchased items into one handy package (with a few cost savings) to help you feel prepared, positive and ready for anything.