Path To Birth

Supporting you on your path to parenthood


Path to Birth is a business dedicated to supporting the emotional side of your path to parenthood.

Our MISSION is to help you manage your emotions, build your confidence and to dissipate any fears, negative beliefs and anxieties related to your pregnancy, birth and new parenting journey.

Our VISION is that everyone's experience of pregnancy, birth and parenthood is empowered, fulfilling and calm, no matter how it unfolds.

Path To Birth's Services include:

HYPNOBIRTHING Australia Workshops

ESSENTIAL OILS designed for pregnancy, birth and parenthood

STUDENT MIDWIFE free birth support/continuity of care (contact me)


Hi! I’m Jess.

A quick description of me: Avid Talker. Happy Wife. Proud Mum and Step-Mum. Loyal Friend. Family Focused. Likes to Laugh. Animal Lover. Neat Freak. Determined. Can't resist a Trampoline or Swing! And Passionate about Fertility, Pregnancy and Birth.


I've always loved babies and known I wanted to be a mother. My life really took a turn towards working in fertility, pregnancy and birth after meeting the love of my life and getting married. We immediately set about trying to have a baby - and after 4 years of infertility we were finally successful in achieving this goal, with our beautiful little girl being born in November 2015.

During our time trying to conceive (TTC) we came up against many challenges - long months of trying to conceive naturally, two ectopic pregnancies, the loss of my fallopian tubes and IVF.

This experience has certainly been hard, but I learnt a lot about myself and it inspired me to become active in the fertility and pregnancy community.  

My fertility challenges opened me up to a whole new passion for fertility, pregnancy and birth. I was (and still am!) fascinated and empowered by how we can use our mind and body to positively support us in making this time of life what we want it to be.

My own experience has been that there is not enough support for emotional side effects faced by couples, often women in particular, who are on a longer and more complicated pathway to creating a family.

For something that is such an amazing privilege in our lives, I am saddened by how much fear, anxiety, shame and judgment can be associated with infertility, pregnancy and birth today. 

Birth is often something that is surrounded by the idea of fear and pain. Infertility, pregnancy and new motherhood/parenthood is such intensely personal experience that can have so many stigmas attached to it, that people find it hard to share, or to know who to share with. Often the only stories that are shared loudly are ones that are negative. As a result there can be a lack of access to positive support and resources.

Path To Birth was created from this thinking. I felt such a pull to find a way to contribute to making other women and couple's pathways to parenthood easier than ours has been.

I was blessed after so many years of infertility with a healthy pregnancy and an amazing positive birth. I know from experience that having the right birth education, tools and support makes all the difference.

So I followed my passion, certifying as a Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner and a Newborn Mothers Postpartum Professional and that’s when Path To Birth began. I am now taking this one step further undertaking my Bachelor of Midwifery/Nursing.

I LOVE helping people move from a place of fear and doubt to one of confidence and courage as they navigate pregnancy and birth preparation.  

I am so inspired by the wonderful people I work with to achieve anxiety free pregnancies and a calm, positive approach to birthing and new parenthood.


If you are interested in finding out more about Hypnobirthing, upcoming workshops, how essential oil products can support you in this journey please contact me!

As a student midwife I am able to follow 10 women/couples on their birthing journey providing continuity of care and birth support for free. If you are located in Melbourne and interested in some extra support and guidance please contact me to find out more.

If you are interested in reading more about my personal experiences, along with what I've learnt to help survive TTC, pregnancy, birth and new motherhood, please feel free to drop by my BLOG or check out some of my most popular BLOG POSTS. Please note a lot of my blogs relate to infertility…



Qualifications and Professional Memberships


Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology)

Associate Member of the International Coaching Guild

Certified Hypnobirthing Practitioner

Certified Newborn Mothers Postpartum Professional

Blogger for Bub Hub - a Fertility, Pregnancy and Parenting Website

First Aid Qualification

Certificate IV in OHS

Bachelor or Nursing/Midwifery (Currently completing)