Path To Birth

Supporting you on your path to parenthood


The experience of giving birth has long-term implications for women's health and wellbeing… A good birth is the best start to parenthood that both mum and baby could ask for. So why not make it an experience to remember - for the right reason?

If you want to go into your birth feeling empowered, excited, in control and free from fear and anxiety then HYPNOBIRTHING is for you. An amazing birthing experience is built from four things - preparation, education, great support and relaxation tools. Hypnobirthing is a practice that is all about prepared and positive birth.

Hypnobirthing advocates empowering women and couples to have key information about options regarding birth so that you are able to make informed choices about what is best for you. Hypnobirthing Australia workshops provide you with a tool kit of proven skills and techniques for relaxation and fear release to take with you into your labour... giving you the confidence and support to have a calm birth - however it unfolds. 


Why choose Hypnobirthing? Because it can…

Hypnobirthing Birth shot.jpg
  • Shorten labour time, in particular the first phase of labour

  • Significantly reduce the pain of labour through the use of relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques

  • Reduce anxiety and fear approaching and during birth

  • Empower you to know your options and rights regarding birth before labour begins

  • Lower the percentage of labour interventions

  • Increase the chances of natural, drug-free birth

  • Define an active supporting role for the birth partner

  • Babies tend to be more calm and alert

  • Enhance bonding for parents and baby

  • Lead to a quicker physical recovery for the mother

  • Lower rates of post natal depression

Path to Birth is proud to be a Certified Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner.

We teach the Positive Birth Program (Group and Private sessions), The Positive Caesarean Program (Private Sessions), Birth Refreshers (Private Sessions) and Hypnobubs online private follow up sessions.

I often get asked what the difference is between our program and other versions of Hypnobirthing or child birth education such as Calm Birth -  click here for a link to a blog explaining the differences.


Ready to start Hypnobirthing?

What's included in a Hypnobirthing Australia positive birth program workshop?

This is a comprehensive childbirth education workshop that will have you walking out the door fully prepared, excited and positively anticipating your birthing day!

Over 12 hours (across two days) we will cover: 

  • A detailed understanding of what happens physically during labour,

  • How to work with our body to allow it to do what it is designed to do - birth!

  • For birth partners how to best support our birthing mums before, during and after labour

  • An understanding of all the different options regarding birth so you can make informed decisions about what is best for your own birth.

  • A detailed toolkit of resources, relaxation and hypnosis techniques to create a beautiful, relaxed birthing experience!

Birthing couples also receive a detailed folio of resources to take home along with 4 x mp3 tracks of guided meditations, affirmations and birth music.

The all inclusive cost of the Hypnobirthing Positive Birth Program Group Workshops is $550.

Workshop Logistics

Path to Birth's Hypnobirthing Australia Workshops are held at the modern, comfortable, studio space at Element Wellness & Healing (15 Glenferrie Road, Malvern 3144).  Morning and afternoon tea is provided and there are multitude of great lunch venues available close by on Glenferrie Road.

How to get there:

all day on-street parking right outside on Glenferrie Rd
(and in nearby side streets).

Right next to Malvern Station (2 minute walk)

Tram Route 16 - stop 52 (5m away)
Tram Routes 64 - Hawthorn Rd/Dandenong Rd Stop (260m away)

For more information about the workshop location, and the specifics on dates the workshops are running please check out our Hynobirthing Workshops page.