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Monday Musing

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Attitude and Patience are important in TTC, IVF, fertility, infertility

Two things that define us are - our patience when we have nothing and our attitude when we have everything.

I love this. 

It works across life in general but it can be reflected so well in our fertility struggles.

I don't know about you but mastering the art of patience has been such a big lesson for me during my time trying to conceive (TTC). When we get impatient it can bring out the worst in ourselves.

For me its manifested in at different times in being obsessive, controlling, envious, unkind, upset and unhappy. 

I realised that living that way was not serving me (or anyone around me) and it was to no end. My impatience didn't change my just made the lack of outcome harder to bear.

I decided to let it go. Its taken work - and still takes work at times - but letting go, changing how I look at things has made a huge difference.

Similarly the experience of wanting something so much and being around so many others who are achieving it has taught me that we all have our struggles in life.

We all have things that someone else doesn't have but wishes more than anything they did - be it a relationship, a job, a physical feature, a material item or a baby.

Its so important to be grateful for what we do have, and also to have awareness of how what we have might be impacting others.

Those questions and comments we get about our fertility challenges that upset us so much - do we do those in a different form to others without realising??

Paying attention to our patience when we have nothing, and our attitude when we have everything can make such an impact to our lives and to those around us.

Where can you practise more patience this week?

Where can you be more grateful for what you have?

Where can you be more aware of they way in which you share your blessings with others?