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Monday Musings

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Finding Happiness in TTC IVF Fertility Infertility

When you are trying to have a baby all of your happiness can become entwined in reaching the ending - "I'll be happy when...." It can be easy to forget that the time you are spending now, right now, is an opportunity for happiness also.

If we put all our focus, all our happiness, on that one outcome we miss so much!

We hand over so much of our power to something we cannot control - we are essentially outsourcing our happiness to something external.

With our fertility blinkers on we can forget to find the joy, and instead let the sadness, frustration and anger take over our whole lives...

When we do this we feel like we need something or someone else to shift our focus......but to really feel happiness within ourselves its down to us to do that.

Think week I'm making a conscious effort to find and acknowledge happiness in my journey - as I believe that even in my bad days it really is somewhere around me in the smallest of things if I choose to open my eyes to it!

So go do something that makes you smile - makes you feel alive! - this week!

And BE HAPPY! :-)