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Monday Musing

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Create and control your life while TTC

I can't tell you how much time I've spent waiting to feel like I've arrived at that seemly mythical place of self love and contentment.  That feeling of still trying to find that magical essence that makes me say "AH-HA I've finally found myself!". That place where I feel like the most perfect version of myself, always.

How exhausting. The constant feeling there should be something more, I should be something more. The frustration of waiting for that light bulb moment....was I doing something wrong?

Turns out I was. My light bulb went off - I was waiting for something it was totally within my control to create.

I was handing over the power of my ultimate happiness to nothing, for no reason at all.

I realised that I had everything within me that I needed to become the person I wanted to be, and a huge blank canvas to start with.

I'd had it upside down. I was waiting to reach this place that made me feel good so I could be content in my life. I'd forgotten that the way to get there was actually the answer.

The adventure of growing, learning, trying, experimenting to discover what I am actually passionate about.

The gift of making mistakes and being ok with it - letting the learnings shape me and add colour to my canvas.

I learnt the joy of imperfection, of never being complete and of always having something to learn.

And what do you led to self love and contentment. Happiness. 

If you looked at your life as an opportunity to create yourself who would you be? What can you do to start making your way there?