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Monday Musing

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Fear is something we all have - different levels of it for different things. It can be a great motivator, or a great excuse.

Some of the things in life we have really wanted but we have let them go because we have been afraid of chasing after it.

What if we fail? What if we get hurt?


What if we don't??

What if we pushed past our fears and ran towards our dreams??

Fertility struggles can bring up a lot of fears. Fear of not getting pregnant, fear of not being good enough, fear of needles!

Lots of reasons to give into fear and just give up.....But we don't!

Because we want it more than we fear it!

And because we want it more than we fear it we discover how strong we are, what we can face to get there.

And because of that when we do get there the reward of our achievements will be even more precious to us!

Have a great week overcoming fears and achieving steps towards your dreams!