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Monday Musing

Fertility, Infertility, IVF, Monday Musings, PregnancyJess Lowe2 Comments
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I don't know about you but I have often - not just while TTC but in life in general - found myself wishing for a magic wand to get me somewhere. Or a remote where I could fast forward in time to the destination in my mind.

Or for the elevator to success to arrive and whisk me to the right level where the doors will open to my dreams.

There are still times where I feel a burning impatience in the pit of my stomach. It will always be a challenge of mine to stop, live in the moment - good or bad, and find something to take from it.

Going through my fertility struggles has definitely taught me to be more patient. This is a wisdom hard gained, but one that is benefiting me in lots of different ways.

In most areas of life its important to pay your dues, take the time to learn, appreciate every step on your path so that when you arrive at your destination you know what to do.

I'm not sure that exactly applies to TTC but I've come to feel its important to honour each step. I like to take the time to stop, and consider why that step is there, what I am gaining from it, and how it is getting me closer to my destination.

This has allowed me to feel more grateful. Less frustrated. Like I am moving forward - even if its just a small step. Its also made me appreciate just how amazing my body is, how strong I am.

When I finally am successful I know I can look back and with clarity see how far I have come, and how I made it happen and feel pride.

I hope you all enjoy taking steps closer to your success this week!