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Monday Musing

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When you are having a hard time with something, or wish you didn't have to do something it can be very easy to get stuck in all the obstacles you see in front of you! What we focus on is what we get, so if all we can see is obstacles, then that is all we will get.

This kind of focus makes things harder for us to move forward towards what we want to achieve. It takes more of our energy, more of our time. It makes it easier to give up and feel its all too much.

We ask ourselves "why can't it just be easier??" We say "if only this would happen then..."

But we can make it easier on ourselves!

We can step back, break down the obstacle by making positive goals and steps that help us feel successful as we check them off working towards our ultimate goal.

It tips the balance from feeling like we are always losing to feeling like we are winning bit by bit!

What small goal can you set for yourself this week?