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Hump Day Hints- Circle and Bloom

Fertility, Hump Day Hints, Infertility, PregnancyJess Lowe4 Comments
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Meditation has been a big part of my fertility journey. Its been beneficial to me on so many levels, and really helped to keep me calm, positive and sane! I'm a huge believer in the mind-body connection, and also in getting in-tune with your body - meditation is a great vehicle for doing this!

My hands-down favourite fertility meditation programs have been those from Circle and Bloom.

If you are not already listening to these as part of your fertility regime then you should most definitely look into them!

What I like about Circle and Bloom's meditation products:

  • There are programs for natural conception, IVF/IUI stimulated and frozen cycles, pregnancy, male fertility, stress relief and energy maximisation
  • There is a set meditation for each day of your cycle, which run between 10-20 minutes. Each are easy to listen to and not too time consuming
  • The daily session helps with relaxation, as well as getting your mind and body positively aligned with what should be happening for that day in your cycle
  • Easy online download for instant access
  • Reasonably priced - particularly for how much use and benefit they deliver
  • The voice and music are both relaxing and easy to listen to (this might sound like a funny thing to say but some guided meditations are terrible!)

If you try them I hope you find them as beneficial as I have!