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Monday Musing

Fertility, Infertility, IVF, Mind-body, Monday MusingsJess LoweComment

Life can be a funny thing sometimes. You think you have gotten something 'down-pat' and that you know just what is going to happen next....

Often I find that is when the curve ball hits...and if you are anything like me more often than not it's of your own making!

I used to wonder why I would do that - sabotage a good thing....

Then I realised that life is about growing. We are actually never supposed to have it all figured out. If we did, and we didn't grow at all it would be a very boring existence.

So we (often unconsciously!) take over and shake things up - as uncertainty, and adventure is how we grow.

Yes we need stability and comfort and certainty in there too to balance it out...but the second you think you have it all figured out is when you go from 'green and growing' to 'ripe and rotten'!

I used to want to reach that stage where I felt I had it all sorted. Now I realise what I should always be aspiring to is something I already am - a work in progress. 

What is developing in me might change, it might be being taking something within me to a new level but whatever it is there will always be a new adventure to take, a new avenue to explore.

What are you working on progressing for yourself this week?