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Watching Jess Grow **GUEST BLOG**

Fertility, Infertility, IVFJess LoweComment

Today it is my honour to share Path to Birth's blog with a guest writer - my mum!

Mum and I got to talking not long ago about the ripple effects infertility has on your family around you. As a parent, a friend, a partner it is an incredibly hard thing to watch someone go through. 

For my mum, I sometimes forget that I am her baby - even still at 35. I've been guilty at times of not realising how what I am experiencing might be impacting those I love as well- its incredibly hard to support someone going through infertility issues!

Mum and I thought it might be good to share some wider experiences, invite discussion and hopefully provide some support to all that trying to conceive (TTC) touches! 

I hope you enjoy, and share with your mum's too!!