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Speaking a More Fertile Language

Fertility, Infertility, IVF, PregnancyJess Lowe2 Comments
Speak Fertility no Infertility! TTC IVF

Hi Everyone, I was pleased to be able to share another blog post with BubHub this week - a fertility and pregnancy website in Australia!

I wanted to share my post with you as well as its about something that has been really helpful to me while TTC - learning to speak FERTILE, rather than infertility!

If you are interested in having a read please click here!

While I have you just a reminder that I am getting ready to launch my website and my newsletter! The launch will happen in October - I'm so excited and can't wait to share it with you!! :-)

The newsletter will come out monthly and be packed full of hints around diet/nutrition, yoga, fertility resources and mind-body techniques I and other TTC sisters have found useful!

* Side note - I would love to also be able to share ideas from you in my newsletter- whether you'd like to be interviewed, share a recipe or a tip - its all about spreading the love and support (and helping to promote your own blog)! If you are keen let me know in the comments, or private message me via Path to Birth's Facebook page and we will get in touch!

My blog will be migrating to the website - I really hope my technically challenged self is able to do that without losing contact with the wonderful community here...just in case I have a link below to register for my newsletter, and one to register to receive my blog.

Its not a spam activity - as you do now you'll get an email when I post something, and also a copy of the newsletter right to you inbox! Sign up for one, or both!! :-)

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Before I wind up I just want to say its been some great reading and sharing over the last few weeks - some of the wonderful blogs I read have had well deserving BFPs!! News like this feels like a win for us all and I am inspired by it!

There have also been a few losses, which always hurts my heart...but I just love that we are all right there supporting each other - there are many things about this journey that sucks, but meeting and sharing worlds with my fellow bloggers and the TTC community is a privilege!

See you tomorrow for my regular post!