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Monday Musing

Monday Musings, Mind-body, IVF, Infertility, FertilityJess LoweComment

There is no denying it - I've had a crappy couple of weeks!!

I went out into the world each day and came back feeling I'd been battered around - physically with IVF treatments, emotionally with another crappy result from our last stim cycle, and to top it off I had some people really disappoint me with their behaviour.

I'd wake feeling demotivated and down. I'd feel worse by the time I came through the door in the evening.

I got stuck into that role of being the victim of it all. Feeling maybe there was something I'd done to deserve this??

Then I got stuck into resentment. Surely I've been through enough??

But every night I walked in the door the world of worry on my shoulders started to lift. My fur-babies and step son would race to meet me at the door and smother me in love and hugs and kisses.

My hubby, bless him, despite having a bad cold could see I was feeling down and made sure he found ways remind me how wonderful he thinks I am.

All of this did remind me - in life its important to worry less and love more!

It can be so easy to get sucked into bad moods, bad places. To take on other peoples negative energy. To worry about things we have no control over or no ability to change - other than changing how we feel about it.

The difference I felt from being present in my state of worry and disappointment, to the one I felt being present to all the love and goodness in my life is enormous.

I've spent the weekend stocking up on those goodness credits to carry with me out into the world this week, and I feel like a whole new person.

How can you let go of worry this week? How can you bring in more love?