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Monday Musing

Fertility, Infertility, IVF, Monday MusingsJess LoweComment

My musing today is a message of gratitude and well wishes for the Festive season and year ahead!

I want to thank you for sharing my journey with me this year - and for all your comments, likes, shares and also to those wonderful TTC Sisters whos blogs and Instragram posts have reminded me I am not alone!

I learn and grow so much from reading and talking with you about all of your adventures, and wish you all every success and joy going forward into 2015!

My blog has been a huge part of healing me in my quest to become a mother. The wonderful women I have worked with and coached during the year have inspired me and it has bought me so much joy to see them flourish and grow and achieve their dreams!

I feel very grateful to both share with you and share in your stories.

Right now my heart is peaceful and my cup is full! I wish the same peace and happiness for you all in your life and your fertility journey!

And lets hope this festive season brings on a lot of positive baby news for us all!!  ;-)