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Monday Musing

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I've found I have patches of time where I second guess myself. I know this happens in my life in general, but it has definitely been highlighted in my fertility challenges.

Sometimes I've let what someone else has told me to think, feel or do override the things I truly felt - deep down inside - were better for me.

In those situations I've convinced myself not to listen to my better judgement, not to trust my instincts.

But here's the thing....

In those circumstances when I look back its rare that my instinct has been wrong!

Even more than that - I've realised that the times in life where I have felt the best about myself, and about the decisions I have made (whatever the outcome) are the ones where I have been true to myself.... and what I truly think, believe and feel.

My message this week to myself and to you is to trust yourself first and above all.

You know more than you think you do!

Have a great week!