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Monday Musing

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When you are facing hard times, difficult things, I think it can be easy to forget that every day presents us with the opportunity to make changes. Too often in life we get stuck in a rut - sometimes we don't even know we are there, walking around with blinkers on - we just know we don't feel as content as we should.

Sometimes we let our fear stop us from growing, taking a chance, making a change.

Most of us forget that we have the power to make that change. We let ourselves become a victim of a circumstance, feeling, experience or person.

We doubt our ability to change that, to take responsibility for it.

But we all have that power. We all have that skill. I truly believe that each and everyone of us has the ability to make our lives what we want it to be.

Yes we might need to ask for help and support sometimes. We don't have to do it all on our own. We can do it slowly, bit by bit - by taking advantage of the opportunity each day brings!

Fertility struggles can over take your life if you let them - or you can fight back by taking advantage of the opportunity each day presents to do one thing to change how it makes you feel.

It might be something to acknowledge yourself.

It might be something carefree and fun.

It might be something related to supporting your fertility and taking it a step further.

Whatever resonates with you!

What opportunities are you going to find this week??