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Hump Day Hints

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My Top 10 Immunity Boosters for Fertility

When facing fertility challenges you want your body to be able to focus it's energy on reproduction rather than diverting it to keeping your immune system in good shape!

I find that the change of seasons, like right now, its always a time when my body is more vulnerable to its important to make sure my diet and lifestyle are supporting my body's natural immunity.

So what are my Top 10 Immune Boosting ideas for Fertility?

1. Royal JellyThis stuff is AWESOME - a fertility super-food powerhouse packed vitamins A, B, C, D & E! It's great for your egg quality as well as boosting immunity...

2. Brazil NutsThis tasty nut is all kinds of good for fertility- for men too as it keeps sperm healthy! Its big dose of Selenium and Vitamin E reduce inflammation and also strengthen immune anti-bodies. Eat them on their own, put them in nut butter or trail mixes.

3. ChiaLittle seed, lot of hype...and it lives up to it all! Chia is a great way to get more protein and LOADS of Vitamin C into your diet easily. Vitamin C is well known for its immune boosting qualities and it is also so important in fertility as it improves hormone levels and helps to boost sperm quality (so another one for the fellas!). Chia seeds are so versatile - pop them in smoothies, on yoghurt, cereal, in a stir-fry, in a salad, in baking....

4. TomatoesThese red beauties are a very good source of Vitamin C and Lycopene, anti-oxidant that has been said to help increase both male and female fertility. Versatility is also great- soups, salads, sauces, or even just bite into one like an apple!!

5. BroccoliStrong source of vitamin C to help with immunity, as well as B6 which helps with blood sugar and hormone regulation. Plus it’s YUM!

6. Lemons & LimesI use the juice of lemon and limes a lot. It’s very alkalising, and has excellent immune properties. Squeeze it on salads or cooked leafy greens (lemon juice helps bring out the iron in greens as well), add lemon to hot water (honey too if your throat aches), and add lime juice to smoothies or on avocado.

7. De-Stressing!Stress is often what tips a cold over the edge for me! Juggling work, life and dealing with TTC and IVF is stressful...and time consuming.  The 'me time' and ‘enough sleep’ can go by the way-side. Consistency in prioritising some exercise, yoga, meditation, getting a decent nights sleep to let my body rejuvenate is a great immunity booster for me.

8. Garlic - Garlic breath? Who cares?? Its sooo good for you and tastes awesome! Well known immunity booster and great for wiping out bacteria from your system.

9. Kiwi Fruits - I recently rediscovered the Kiwi, and wonder now how I ever did not like it!! A low fructose fruit, its packed with Vitamin C and has become a daily delight for me!

10. Berries - Delicious, sweet, low fructose, high anti-oxidants. I can't go past adding them to my smoothies or porridge each day!

What immunity boosters work for you?