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Hump Day Hints - My Top 5 Fertility Nuts

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Nuts are a great fertility food. I like to work from the philosophy that ‘nuts and seeds are good for our seeds’. Nuts provide a dose of good fertility boosters like Omega fats, protein, Folic Acid, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium and Vitamin E. In addition to this they can be a great source of fibre, helping to regulate hormones and balance blood sugar.

They also provide great alternatives for gluten and dairy sources making them very versatile.

I've always loved nuts but used to avoid them because I just thought they were too fatty. I know realise nuts are good fat.  They are very filling so a small handful does the job - like anything being mindful and not over indulging is the key.

My 5 Favourite Fertility Nuts

Walnuts – Walnuts are a higher fibre nut and a good source of Omega 6 & 3, Vitamin B, E and anti-oxidants.  One for the gents too, walnuts have been said to improve sperm vitality, motility and morphology! A versatile nut - think salads, trail mixes and also sweet deserts but they are best served cold or added to dishes after they are cooked as heating can reduce the health benefits of walnuts significantly.

Brazil – One of the best natural sources of Selenium, which is good for both sperm and eggs. It also helps the body build up a good healthy endometrial lining ready for implantation, so particularly good in your follicular phase and the start of the luteal phase. You only need a few though! You can get too much of a good thing here…

Almonds - I use Almonds daily. They are the power-house of nuts when it comes to packing in minerals and vitamins- you name it its probably in there. Plus great for versatility- think almond meal, almond milk, and trail mixes or just as a handful on its own!

Cashews - Hands down my favourite nut for flavour- the creamer texture is ideal for making dips, dairy-free cashew cheeses etc. Cashews are a great source of Zinc (another one for improving sperm!) as well as iron, copper and Vitamin E.

Pecans – Said to be good for digestion, and with high magnesium they are anti-inflammatory. Also good for high blood pressure. They are very tasty, can sweeten up trail mixes and also be added to baking.

Some Bonus Nut Tips:

1. Soak them or buy activated. There is much hype about 'activated' nuts, and personally I think it’s worth it. My digestive system definitely struggles with nuts if they have not been soaked to make them easier to digest (almonds in particular). I always soak nuts overnight before I make nut milk or meals and either buy or activate nuts at home (not hard to do, just time consuming!) if I am eating them raw.

2. Keep nuts, nut milks and nut meal in the fridge (preferably in air-tight glass containers to keep moisture out). Walnuts, Pecans, Pine, Pistachios and Cashews in particular cope better in chilled environments- they don’t like warm pantries! They last so much longer! You can also freeze all nuts (except shelled pistachios!) in properly sealed containers. Helps if you like to buy in bulk to keep costs down.

3. Its best to eat a range of nuts, so I often mix it up with a trail mix to get my variety. I make a big mix and then divide into small jars in the fridge to grab and go for the day as an easy snack.  I throw in a few of each of my favourites, add things like:

  • pumpkin or sunflower seeds,
  • shredded coconut
  • goji berries
  • often some spice, like cinnamon (great for regulating blood sugar).
  • cacao nibs

What are your favourite fertility nuts?