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Hump Day Hints - Reflexology

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There are many unpleasant things you can be faced with when "trying new options" to increase your chances of getting pregnant! Reflexology, I promise you, is not one of them!

What is Reflexology and how might it help fertility?

Reflexology is basically a massage which involves applying pressure to areas of the feet, hands and ears. These areas are thought to align with certain organs in the body, helping to improve circulation, remove stagnation and inflammation.

I'd read a few studies that said that Reflexology might have some benefits for enhancing fertility - in particular for:

  • Increasing blood flow to the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes
  • Helping to balance hormones by focusing in on areas of the endocrine system
  • Stress Reduction

I am a big fan of a massage, I thought - what can it hurt to try it?

In amongst all the tablets and invasive treatments I figured - at worst it will be a haven of time to pamper myself with the placebo feeling of "I am doing it for enhancing my fertility"...and at best, it might actually work! :-)

So I found a practitioner who worked at a clinic specialising in fertility and pregnancy massage and started a course of treatments.

Reflexology is a bit like peeling back the layers of an onion. The points on my feet that hurt like nobodies business in the first few sessions suddenly felt great in subsequent sessions. Then other areas started to ache instead.

After about 5 sessions it just felt great all over, and so did I! I found it fascinating to learn what parts of the body those sore spots were linked to!

Sure enough, within a few months I fell pregnant for the first time - naturally!

Now I'm not saying this was all down to Reflexology.... but I certainly feel it was part of the equation.

It definitely, in conjunction with acupuncture and diet, played a role in regulating my hormones and helping my body to feel more balanced. I think a big factor was stress relief and some dedicated "me-time".

It felt good to be doing something nice for my body and my soul!

So if you are looking for something different - and enjoyable for a change! - to try as part of changing up your fertility enhancement routine it might be worth a look!

Unless you hate people touching your feet it can't hurt right?? ;-)