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Hump Day Hints - Maca for Fertility

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Maca is a root-like cruciferous vegetable that originates from Peru. For nearly 2 million years the Peruvians have used this wonderful root veggie for simulating fertility, sexual virility and energy levels!

Why is Maca considered to be one of the “Fertility Superfoods”?

  • It helps to balance hormones
  • It increases progesterone, so its good if you have luteal phase issues
  • Its great for sperm health and count
  • Its known to promote good egg health
  • It’s a tonic for the endocrine system - it works to support the thyroid, adrenal, and pituitary glands
  • Its known for aiding a healthy sex drive in both men and women!

Sounds great right??

So how do you get some Maca into your diet?

Maca Powder

This is readily available at health food stores, and it’s the way I personally tend to get most of my Maca in!

It’s got a nice malty flavor, and can be easily added to smoothies, juices, and baking. For example I would add it to things like:

  • Home –made granola bars
  • Home- made protein balls or crunchy tahini balls
  • Sprinkled on porridge or cereal or yoghurt
Maca Tincture

This is basically a liquid extract of the medicinal properties of Maca, which can be added to a glass of water or juice. Best to go to a health food store or natural therapy specialist (eg naturopath) to source Maca this way.

Maca Capsules

As it sounds, a tablet you can take each day. Again - best to go to a health food store or natural therapy specialist (eg naturopath) to source Maca this way.

How often can you use Maca?

Maca is something that can be used daily, and is said to have better effects if used regularly. It can be taken in a single dose or in smaller doses during the day.

I’ve personally never had anything but positive effects from Maca! I've noticed some good changes to my cycle since I started taking it regularly as my hormones become more balanced!

BUT...I say all this with the following caution:

Like with any diet changes its important to do what works for you – so check in with your health care professionals as to whether Maca might be beneficial for you before you implement any changes, and if so how much you should be consuming (especially if you are already pregnant!!).