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Hump Day Hints

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Hump Day Hint Get Pregnant Faster TTC

This week’s Hump Day Hint is a book called ‘Getting Pregnant Naturally by Dr Marilyn Glenville. The book’s tag line is ‘Boost your fertility in just three months- naturally’.

The research out there shows consistently that the three months prior to conceiving can have a massive impact on your fertility, the health of your pregnancy and also the health of your child for the duration of their life.

I discovered this book about 8 months into trying naturally, when I was still very committed to achieving pregnancy naturally, and wanted some support and ways to feel I was being pro-active about trying to do that.

I found this book really helpful not only in the natural conception phase of my path to pregnancy, but I’ve also used it as my options have changed to needing IVF as the book covers a range of scenarios and is suitable to support couples in the pre-trying, actively trying and assisted reproductive therapies trying phases.

What I like about this book is:

  • It isn’t too preachy, or all-or-nothing in its approach.
  • It offers good advice about nutrition, exercise, and mind-body techniques and as well as possible medical causes/solutions for fertility optimisation.
  • Its not full of jargon or hard to digest, and you can pick it up and put it down, reading different sections when it suits you or is relevant to you without feeling you need to read the whole book in order.

If you try it I hope you find it useful!