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Monday Musing

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Wherever you go, go with all your heart - Confucius

This quote struck a chord with me this week of my own personal areas of focus and awareness at the moment is about being present in the moment. Enjoying it. Savouring it. Honouring it.

I realised recently with all we have been facing with TTC my mind is always in the future. I found myself describing it to someone as my mind is always on where it needs to be - this item, this activity, this time in the future.

As I said it out loud it twigged - no, where my mind really needed to be was on the NOW.

I realised that how I've been approaching TTC has robbed me of that - I've always been quite fast paced, and forward thinking - but I'd also been able to balance that with a bit of living in the moment. The last three years I've not really done that at all. 

I think its contributed to feeling so disconnected and lost at times during our fertility challenges - my mind is always on something that doesn't eventuate exactly as I'd seen it in my minds eye.

I had it backwards. So now I am focusing on what's in front of me. Pouring my heart into that....and from there wherever it takes me I go with heart so it always has more meaning!!

Where can your heart lead you this week?