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Crazy Hormones!!

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I'm normally a fairly even tempered person. I'm not really overly or underly emotional. But the last three months something has shifted. I can't stop crying!!

  • Happy tears
  • Sad tears
  • Angry tears
  • Wasn't-that-cute tears
  • I'm-tired tears
  • Good-news tears
  • You're-annoying-me tears
  • Why-can't-I-open-that-jar-lid tears
  • Thank-you-for-being-nice-to-me tears
  • I-don't-even-know-why-I'm-crying tears!

I have no control over when it happens, often it totally surprises me. Work, home, bus, tram, reading a book, watching TV.

Nowhere is safe!!

Its seriously bad - don't be nice to me, you'll make me cry!!

My hubby has been joking with me - "I was thinking of doing (insert nice thing) for you...but I didn't want to make you cry!!"

I was starting to feel like a crazy person...its so unlike me, I felt like I was on a complete roller coaster.

I don't know why it took me so long to figure out what was really wrong - CRAZY HORMONES!!

Three years in, and after nearly 6 months off this year, my body is suddenly reacting more to the IVF drugs.

I don't know about you but for me the more rounds I do the longer it takes my body to 'reset' between rounds.

I guess one of the previous blessings of being a "poor responder" to the IVF stimulation was that the drugs didn't really bother me before. Post-cycle it only took a day or so to feel 'normal' again.

These days though I've forgotten what 'normal' feels like!!

So what are my tips for managing CRAZY HORMONES??


Now I'm not talking a solid ice-cream and chocolate diet here...(though a bit of hormonal indulgence is ok!!). The food we eat plays such a big role in balancing our hormones, and when 'stimming' it helps out body to process them too.

I find when I support my body with nutrient dense, fertility foods I feel much better.


Now I'm not saying run a marathon when you are tired, grumpy and hormonal. Sometimes a more intense burst of exercise can help - it gives a great rush of endorphins and is a way to release pent up anger or frustration.

However even a gentle walk, and especially some yoga can be just as beneficial for these things. Yoga also works to help balance our bodies and our hormones


Give yourself time out. More sleep. Have a bath. Read a book. Watch a movie. Meditate. Whatever floats your boat relaxation wise.

Especially in the thick of a cycle our bodies are working extra hard. The proper support in terms of relaxing and rejuvenating is really, really important!

Ask for Help

What can you let go of while you are feeling like this? Who can help you? We don't have to be superwomen!

For the most part our family, friends and partners will be looking for ways to contribute and help as they are probably feeling a bit unsure of what to do to help you!

Deep Breathing

Feeling hormonal is not free licence to be a total bitch. Yes we should get some extra leeway, extra some support while in a cycle. But its not a free pass to be completely horrible all the time to those we love (or strangers in the street).

We are still accountable for our actions, and our actions can still hurt others.

When I feel an irrational emotion coming over me I try to remember to take a deep breaths and count to ten. Or walk away. Or get some fresh air. Or all three!

Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don't...but its better than constantly being awful!! ;-)

And if all else fails ...clearly I choose to cry!! :-)

What are your best tips for managing CRAZY HORMONES??