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Fertility Affirmations are positive statements designed to work with your subconscious to reprogram how you feel about your fertility and fertility treatments.

Affirmations have been such a valuable tool for me in my own personal fertility journey, helping me to really create the mindset I wanted to have towards infertility. I am excited to be able to share with you some of my favourite affirmations!

Using the powerful mind-body connection repeated listening to Path to Birth's Fertility Affirmations will help to:

  • REDUCE negative emotions and fears
  • INCREASE happiness 
  • RELAX and de-stress
  • GAIN confidence in your ability to achieve your fertility goals

Running for 10 minutes set to relaxation music Path to Birth's Fertility Affirmations are designed to be easy to incorporate into your daily life.

Less intense than a guided meditation (and a good alternative for those who struggle with meditation) these affirmations can be listened to anytime, anywhere.

Our suggestion is to try to listen to them at least once per day for a month to help your subconscious really absorb and benefit from this wonderful new way of thinking about your fertility!

I hope you enjoy!