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Coaching, like fertility struggles, pregnancy and birth, is such a unique experience for everyone who comes into it. They are all things in our lives that the process of doing changes us - here at Path to Birth we like to believe for the better!

Coaching, and how it can transform you, and take you to places you never thought were possible is hard to describe - its not a tangible item you can hold in your hand...but it takes you on an adventure you will forever hold in your heart! 

Here's what some of our clients have had to say about their life changing experience!

Alexandra Tolmie - Canberra, ACT, Australia

"A Life Coach Completely Changed My Life"

I know it sounds hyperbolic and a little cliched but I'm putting it out there because I want everyone to know about this wonderful catalyst for growth and change.

My life coach is Jess Lowe. In addition to being a gifted listener and facilitator of amazing life changes, she is also a fertility and wellness coach and a certified hypnobirthing practitioner.

I linked up with Jess through a very inspiring friend Anna who had recently become a life coach herself. I thought 'why not? Can't hurt can it?'

To be honest though, I was pretty sceptical. Sure I was stuck in a rut and feeling totally disempowered at work but I'd managed to overcome depression in the past so I figured I didn't really need a 'life coach', and besides....what exactly is a life coach? It sounded a bit to self-helpy. Nevertheless I'm very open-minded and keen to try new things.

What happened next was amazing. I set up regular phone dates with Jess and over the course of six sessions she proceeded to completely change my perspective on life. Her gift for listening and interpreting is peerless. Jess helped me to take a series of actions that lifted me our of my rut and energised me in a way I've not felt for years. Her power lies in her ability to help you see your true, inner self and form new positive beliefs about your ability to be who you really want to be.

To be honest, Jess was the catalyst I'd been needing for years. It wasn't so much Jess that changed my life but me. I took the action. I shifted my perspective. I formed new beliefs. Jess just helped me to see that I could do it.

Tammie Tran - Victoria, Australia

"I have made some incredible awareness shifts that will allow me to step up to who I want and need to be..."

Before working with Jess, I was feeling frustrated and impatient with myself in my efforts towards running my business and personal life together on a congruent level.

As a result of working with Jess, I have become aware of the ways I was self-sabotaging myself, and the reasons behind why I was doing them! We were able to build new strategies that I could apply to my life right now to move me forwards towards the results I wanted.

Jess brings a sense of lightness and humour while holding me accountable at all times during our sessions together.

I would recommend anyone who is goal driven and wants to excel him or herself even more, as Jess can quickly identify issues that hold you back and is able to create awareness on different avenues to take that will give you the result you really want.

Thank you Jess, it was a pleasure to work with your beautiful soul!! :-)  

Nicole Kent - Victoria, Australia

A really life changing experience that helped me to put in place a plan that will assist me in living a positive, healthy and fulfilling life!

Jess was a caring, compassionate and understanding coach. I found the experience to be of huge benefit to me and really feel that Jess has the skill base and knowledge to assist and guide people on their journey of achieving their dreams.

I would recommend Jess as a life coach to anyone - A+ Rating! :-)


I see more clearly and smile frequently - all because of Jess!

I was very skeptical about starting sessions but I thought to myself, I have nothing to lose, and sure enough I have gained more than I ever imagined!

Before starting my sessions with Jess I was very down - miserable!- and I thought a lot of negative thoughts. I believed I was a quitter in so many aspects of my life. But now, I am far from this - I wake up smiling, I believe in myself and I know I am not a quitter! 

With Jess's encouragement I have engaged in more charity work, started my own cake business and I am training for a half marathon and 55km coast trek. Nothing is getting in my way anymore!

Jess, I can't thank you enough for all the motivation and encouragement you have given me! You are a beautiful woman and I know that you can help others as much as you've helped me!