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Why Use Essential Oils in Pregnancy, Labour and PostPartum?

As a certified Hypnobirthing & Childbirth Education Practitioner, PostPartum Support Professional and a student midwife I am passionate about helping to create positive birthing and parenting experiences.

In my work I have seen how effective essential oils can be in helping women to feel relaxed, calm and empowered during pregnancy, labour and early motherhood. At a time when we want our support tools to be as simple and effective as possible it can be expensive and confusing to know which oils are safe and most beneficial to use at each stage along the way.

Looking to provide a solution for my birthing clients I designed Path to Birth’s essential oil range using the highest quality therapeutic grade essential oils. With easy to follow information and recommended usage you can safely and confidently enjoy the powerful benefits of essential oils. From blends perfect for diffusion to on-the-go rollers, wonderful massage oils, relaxing bath soaks and handy kits with the lot - we have you covered!

Read on to find out more about the ways you can use essential oils or click through to view our complete range

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